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9 Great Historic Places to Visit in Lake County

Local history surrounds us 24 / 7 and yet many of us never notice or take the time to check it out when we do learn about them. Often on county bus tours or at local history site visits I hear guests comment ‘ I lived here all my life and did not know about this.’ My challenge to you in 2019 is to explore these hidden gems and others before next winter’s breath covers the beauty of the quotidian.

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Long Live Local

Another year has ended and we are the beginning of a new one.  They pass by faster and faster, it seems.  That is the great beauty of a new year.  It is an invitation to us to recreate ourself.  It presents an opportunity for us to remake ourself or at the least push your personal evolution.  

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Uncle Hawley Drake, Howe’s Hollow and Concord Twp.

In 2022 Concord Township will celebrate its 200th anniversary.  Many notable historical events have impacted the township dating back to the Western Reserve Era including its famous Girdled Road remnants, a 200 year old barn, Chair Factory Falls and a small house located on Fay Road that since the late 90s  sits on a Lake Metroparks property.

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