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Kirtland, the City of Faith and Beauty, has something to offer everyone, whether you are along-time resident, looking to relocate into one of its many neighborhoods, old or new, or simply visiting for the day.

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Whether you are a long-time resident or a first-time visitor, Kirtland, the City of Faith and Beauty, has something to offer everyone. Kirtland is home to a dozen churches, which allows people to explore faith, spirituality, and denomination. At one time, Kirtland was home to Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, as well as other founders of Mormonism. Two popular destinations are the Visitor Centers at Historic Kirtland and the Kirtland Temple, attracting thousands of tourists annually. Historic Kirtland, a meticulously restored and reconstructed 19th Century settlement, showcases the spirit and vitality of the early American frontier.

Kirtland is exceptionally fortunate to the be home of the Holden Arboretum. One of the largest arboreta and botanical gardens in the United States, the Holden Arborteum has more than 3,600 acres to explore, including 600 acres devoted to collections and gardens. The Murch Canopy Walk and the Kalberer Emergent Tower are a must-see, where visitors explore new heights from the treetop perspective as they take in the unique view and surroundings. Within Kirtland’s 17 square miles are several popular Lake Metroparks, which offer year-round programming for all ages–Penitentiary Glen, Chapin Forest, and Lake Farmpark.

Kirtland Local Schools are ranked in the top ten percent of schools nationwide making it an excellent place to learn and grow. The community strongly supports the school’s academic, artistic, and athletic programs, which bring value, pride, and joy to its residents. Lakeland Community College and The Holden University Center offer higher education programs such as associates degrees, specialized certificates, and a master’s degree in business administration, as well as technical training in Health Technology Education program.

Dedicated Kirtland organizations give back to the community annually, enhancing what the city has to offer. The Kirtland Kiwanis have hosted the Strawberry Festival since 1960, the proceeds of which go to Kirtland’s students, school programs, and scholarships, as well as seniors and veterans. The Kirtland Area Service Council serves the community through annual distribution of food baskets for those in need and they also provide emergency, social, and educational services to residents.

Kirtland continues to be ranked as one of the safest cities in Ohio, due to the superb work of the Kirtland Police Department. Neighborhoods are places where people care about and know one another, contributing to the community’s well-being.

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